smashleyrose asked:

Do you know much about the relationship between No Doubt's Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal? There are a lot of similarities between them and Stevie/Lindsey. I remember Rolling Stone even did a small sidebar comparing them back in the 90s. You might find it interesting (and/or heartbreaking and obsession-causing if you're anything like me!) .

buckinghamnicks-ff answered:

Ha!!! Interesting you bring this up. Yes, I’m aware of it. I actually looked into after reading the below comment from the Destiny Rules director, and having vague memories of reading about their relationship. :D

Stevie and Lindsey put in the most hours at the house (actually Mick was there more than Stevie as far as hours wise). There were a lot of art books and current magazines on the coffee table… Rolling Stone was always there, many books on art. I remember one magazine at the time had Gwen Steffani [sic] on the cover and Lindsey and I discussed the shot of her lol. In a lot of ways Lindsey was an easy guy for me to talk with… sometimes it just became a couple of guys just “shooting the shit”


Interviewer: “Are Gwen and Tony the Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham of the ’90s?”
Tom: “Maybe. It’s interesting every day. Sometimes I tell Tony, ‘you should have just stayed with her. It would be a lot easier. Everybody would be happy, getting along.’ But people have to follow their own hearts. I think they still care deeply for each other but it’s hard to breakup with your girlfriend and then live with her. That’s a tall order. They’ve done a great job of pulling it off. When we’re all together, we get along pretty good.”

“If we break up,” Gwen remembers,”how can we be in a band together? ‘I was like ‘If you even see a girl in front of me, I will kill myself. How can we hang out each day, and I can’t even touch you?

MTV: “A lot of No Doubt’s songs are about singer Gwen Stefani’s on-again off-again relationship with bass player, Tony Kanal.”
Gwen: “We’ve been together for years and I think all those songs are about him (points to Tony). We were thinking about putting the record in an order of like, okay, that was the one when we broke up then, and again, and this is the one when you started liking me again. you know what I mean? Each song kind of has a different subject, so we were thinking maybe we should put it in like chronological order; that’d be kind of cool.”